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Books about otters, real and imaginary (the otters, that is, not the books!), in publication date order. The ratings are my own personal opinion and you will probably completely disagree! One pawprint for OK and five for Buy a Copy Immediately!

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Otter in Space 10/07/2015

A Word About Buying Books: You can help otters by buying in-print books via the IOSF website - every book you buy raises money for the IOSF i.e. for otter rehabilitation.  For out of print books, here are links to websites I have used.

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2014 Otters of the World Paul and Grace Yoxon Buy a Copy Immediately
  RSPB Spotllight: Otters Nicola Chester Buy a Copy Immediately
2012 Otter Country: In Search of the Wild Otter Miriam Darlington Essential
2011 Tarka and Me Peter Talbot Buy a Copy Immediately
  Otters Gareth Da'Bell Buy a Copy Immediately
2010 Otter Daniel Allen Buy a Copy Immediately
  The Otter James Williams Essential
  Otters: an Artist's Sketchbook Derek Robertson Excellent
2004 Otters in Britain Paul & Grace Yoxon Essential
2000 The Otter Among Us James Williams Good
1995 Wild Otters: Predation and Populations Hans Kruuk Essential
1994 Otters Bobby Tulloch & Colin Baxter Excellent
1993 Otters Paul Chanin Excellent
1991 You Call That a Farm? Raising Otters, Leeches, Weeds and Other Unusual Things Sam & Beryl Epstein Good
1989 The Track of the Wild Otter Hugh Miles & Colin Baxter Good
1985 The Natural History of Otters Paul Chanin Excellent
1983 The River Wolf Keith & Liz Laidler Essential
1982 Bee, a Particular Otter Daphne Neville Excellent
1982 Otters in Britain Liz Laidler Essential
1981 Tarkina the Otter John Goldsmith Excellent
1981 The Otter in Britain Peter J. Neville Havins OK
1979 The Private Life of the Otter Philip Wayre Good
1976 Stinkerbelle, the Nark Marna Fyson Excellent
1976 Our Unknown Wildlife: The Otter Ernest Dudley Excellent
1976 The River People Philip Wayre Good
1976 The Declining Otter: a Guide to its Conservation Angela King, John Ottway & Angela Potter Excellent
1971 The World of the Otter Ed Park Buy a Copy Immediately
1969 Beever and Company J.A. Davies Excellent
1969 The Rocks Remain Gavin Maxwell OK
1969 Raven Seek Thy Brother Gavin Maxwell OK
1968 Otters: a Study of the Recent Lutrinae C.J. Harris Buy a Copy Immediately
1964 An Otter in the House: the Story of Okee Dorothy Wisbecki Excellent
1963 Otter in our Parlour Morna Eyres Excellent
1963 Watch for the Otter Elaine Hurrell Excellent
1961 Topsy & Turvey, My Two Otters E.G. Neal Excellent
1960 Ring of Bright Water Gavin Maxwell Excellent
1959 Ingo, My Otter Walter von Sanden Excellent
1944 The Otter Book Phyllis Kelway Collins Buy a Copy Immediately
1927 Moses, My Otter Frances Pitt Excellent
1922 The Book of the Otter Richard Clapham OK


2015 Otter loves Halloween Sam Garton Buy a Copy Immediately
2015 Otter in Space Sam Garton Buy a Copy Immediately
2014 I am Otter Sam Garton Buy a Copy Immediately
2002 A Private Sort of Life Bridget MacCaskill Excellent
1999 Stormforce David Chaffe Excellent
1985 A Travelling Otter Ian Saint-Barbe Anderson Good
1979 Samaki, the Story of an Otter in Africa J.A. Davies Essential
1971 Picaro, a Pet Otter Dorothy Wisbecki Excellent
1964 Sleeky the Otter Rhoda Leonard & William S. Briscoe Excellent
1953 An Otter's Story Emil E. Liers Essential
1947 A Wandering Otter Mortimer Batten Good
1938 Tarka the Otter Henry Williamson Good
1909 The Life Story of an Otter J.G. Tregarthen OK